This is our official up-to-date every day menu. It changes often for availability of ingredients, seasonality and quality. Please place your order at the bar and bring your ticket to the window. We will begin your order when we receive it.



$14.95 gluten free

Special item, limited ! The cravings of the taproom manager twisted into American-Lebanese street fusion. An order of fries topped with Tawook sauté (chicken, bell pepper, onion, Arabic spices), aged cheddar sauce, red oil and fresh parsley. Trashy, classy, tasty!

Hummus bi Tahini - $6.95 vegetarian Purèed dip of chickpeas, olive oil, ground sesame, garlic and lemon. Served with fresh cucumber, tomato and house made Lebanese pita. Family recipe!

Falafel Plate - $9.95 vegetarian, gluten free Scratch chickpea falafel with parsley, cilantro and house spice blend. Served over a bed of buttered rice with fresh cucumber and choice of side sauce.

Shish Tawook - $13.95 gluten free Chicken breast seasoned with garlic and a blend of Arabic spices. Seared with bell pepper and onion, served over buttered rice. Includes choice of side sauce.

Zucchini Sauté - $11.95 vegetarian, gluten free Zucchini sautéed with bell pepper, onion and lightly seasoned with our toum and spices. Served over buttered rice with choice of side sauce.

Manakeesh - $8.75 vegetarian House pita toasted with house spices, cheddar, tomato and parsley. Served with garlic toum.

House Pickles - $2.50 Garlic sour dill pickles. Made fresh in house. Not fried.

House Pita - $1.25 Buttered rice - $2 Zucchini - $4.50

Hummus Side OR sauce. Chickpea dip with lemon and sesame. $1

Yogurt Sauce. Century yogurt from family starter. $1

Garlic sauce, aka Toum. Fresh lemon, oil, garlic. Hot $1

Fries - $3.95 Boat of fries with ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard.

Spicy Peanuts - $3.5 Peanut Brittle - $5 Snacks are at the bar register.