About Us

The Hot Box Diner was opened in 2014 with the dream of serving wholesome and delicious food to Austin, Texas. Years later here we are, living that dream! We aim to provide tasty menu options to all eaters, including gluten free and vegetarian options. Stationed at Adelbert's brewery, you can enjoy craft beer with your snacks and plates.

Owner and chef Rob

Embracing heritage, one order at a time.

Over the years our menu has evolved and grown to be more diverse. Chef Rob believes that change is the spice of life, so we aim to rotate new and old items on the menu to keep it fresh. He embraces his Cuban and Lebanese backgrounds to fuse your favorites with some family feel-good recipes. (At the same time, who can say no to cheese fries or pickles??) Whatever it is he's cooking, we strive to deliver awesome and tasty scratch dishes.


As a scratch kitchen we try to use every bit of our fresh ingredients. To mitigate waste and environmental impacts, all of our compost goes to real birds. Good for you, the planet AND us chickens.

The Brewery

In 2019 we received an invitation to come serve at Adelbert's Brewery. We where immediately hooked! The atmosphere and genuine care of the brewers captured our interest and we opted to station ourselves in their humble parking lot. Since then the businesses have had the opportunity to do great things, side by side. Paired events, special menus and good times have been had. Sometimes you can find a staff special on our menu, (Trash Tawook, bar brain child!) and other small collaborations like bar snacks.